Department of Metallurgy and Thermal Treatment NTUU "Igor Sikorsky KPI"

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For The Applicant

National Technical University of Ukraine “Kyiv Polytechnic Institute named after Igor
Sikorsky Engineering and Physics Faculty trains bachelors, masters and doctors of philosophy
Specialty: Materials Science </ p>

Specialization: Metallurgy and computer simulation of heat treatment processes

Why do KPI im. Igor Sikorsky?
– the highest level of the teaching staff;
– scientific and methodological provision of educational process according to European standards;
– the best laboratory base;
– international scientific and educational links;
– cooperation with the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine;
– high-quality pre-university preparation of university entrants;
– The high demand of the society and the economy for specialists.

The teaching process is provided by highly skilled teachers. All teachers – candidates, doctors of science, well-known experts in the field of material science. Teachers are leading scientists of specialized institutes of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, among them: df.-mn., Prof. Ya. V. Zaulichnyi, PhD, Ph.D., Prof. M.V.Karpets, Ph.D., prof. Ye.G. Autodiliants, Ph.D., prof. MV Bulanova. Leading scientists of NTUU “KPI them. I. Sikorsky “: Dr.Sc. M., prof., Head. cafe MTO Ya. V. Zaulichny, Ph.D., prof. V.G. Khizhnyak, Z. dec. IF International Cooperation, Ph.D., prof. S. M. Chernega, Ph.D., Assoc. K. M. Grinenko, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Assoc. M. M. Bobin, deputy. dec. Joint Ukrainian-Germanic Faculty, Ph.D., Assoc. O. I. Dudka, Ph.D., Assoc. V. V. Khristenko et al. Educational disciplines are provided with textbooks, tutorials and specialized computer programs. Access to world information systems, scientific journals, the overwhelming majority of which, about 35,000, is devoted to material science topics.

The laboratory base includes traditional equipment and unique devices, which allows the use of technology materials science science. Modern scientific equipment is unique among universities and scientific institutions of Ukraine, which allows to carry out a full spectrum research of the composition, structure and properties of materials and products with their computer fixation and further processing.

The high level of education in materials science specialties is confirmed by international relations:

– a dual diploma program with the Otto-von-Geriche University (Magdeburg, Germany);

– The department participates in the Tempus MMATENG program to improve the two-tier education of materials science with the universities of Belgium, Germany, France, Poland and Israel.

– Graduates of the Department continue their studies at the universities of France, Estonia, Germany, Japan and USA.

The training takes place in cooperation with the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. Teaching individual disciplines, carrying out research courses and qualification works is carried out on the basis of research institutes of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine: Institute of Problems of Materials Science named after. I. Frantsevich, Institute of Superhard Materials named after. V. M. Bakul, Institute of Electric Welding E.O. Paton, Institute of Metal Physics named after. GV Kordyumov.

Graduates of the department are in great demand on the leading industrial enterprises:

  • more than 150 enterprises of the Ukroboronprom concern;
  • enterprises “ANTK them. O. K. Antonov”;
  • Belo Tserkva Plant Tribe LLC;
  • Pilar (Kiev) and dozens more;
  • Institutes of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine;
  • Leading European Enterprise
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